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The monastary of Agia Moni is located on one of the highest mountains of Kythera, above Diakofti, on the eastern side of the island.  On the 23rd of September 1766 a shepherd by the name of Viaros found an icon of the Virgin Mary in a bush which had the inscription “ everyones sole hope " as well as a an icon of Saint George. Nikiforos Mormoris, bishop of Kythera, visited the area and decided to build a monastery there.

In 1803 Kolokotronis took refusge in Kythera. In his memoirs he mentions a promise to the Madonna that if the Greek revolution succeeded he would return and help restore it.

Kolokotronis commissioned the wood carver, Ioannis Dimitrios Argyri (circa 1804-1892), grandfather of KSOCA co-founder John Alfieris, to complete the carving of the templo or iero of the alter. The wood carving was completed by in 1841. 


The current church was built in 1840, and is dedicated to the Virgin Mary. 

The monastary overlooks not only the entire island but the coast of the Peloponnese.  The celebration of the church takes place on the 6th of August each year.

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