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May 2019 News 


Anastasia Conomos Condas Scholarship

Scholarship applications are due July 1. If you know a student of Kytherian background who might qualify, please encourage them to apply. 

Applicant's must:

  • be a United States citizen of Kytherian descent
  • be a resident of the State of California
  • be between the ages of 17 and 32
  • be accepted or enrolled for the current and/or upcoming school year as a new or continuing full-time student in undergraduate, post graduate or vocational schools leading to an undergraduate degree, post graduate degree or certificate.
  • attach proof of full-time admission and/or enrollment and your Grade Point Average score from the latest quarter or semester
  • attach a photograph of yourself
  • attach a 500-word essay entitled, My Family’s History on Kythera.”
  • attach signed letters of recommendation from two individuals not related to you, providing their names and contact information
  • have an immiediate family member who is an active  Kytherian Society member who has paid his or her $30 dues for the past two years and has attended our meetings and functions.
  • submit your completed application with a postmark no later than July 1, of each year.

 Click to download an application 

This year we have created an online version of the application.

Click to request a link to complete the application online


The Last Kytherians

James Prineas is at it again! This time filiming the Last Kytherians.

I’ve completed the first of 12 of what will be a series of film portraits about some of the remaining families who live a farming life on Kythera, much like our ancestors did. Called "The Last Kytherians", it will document the few farmers left on the island who still live from raising animals, tending fields & market gardens, making honey and even collecting sempraviva on rocky cliff faces. I'll be making a submission to the Kytherian Association of Australia to fund the series, which will be shot all over the island.

Any support which you can offer would be much appreciated!    

Episode 1 of The Last Kytherians: 
The Chlentzos Family of Logothetianika

Does the name Chlentzos sound familiar? That’s because they are cousins to Mary Chlentzos Alfieris, wife of KSOCA co-founder John Alfieris and all their descendants who attend the Panigyi each year!


Mark your calendars!

Panigyri of the Myrtidiotissa

September 29, 2019

Resurrection Greek Orthodox Church

20104 Center Street, Castro Valley, CA 94546

Save the Date

Kytherian Society of California

Panigyri of the Myrtidiotissa

September 29, 2019

10:00 a.m. -  Church Services & Artoklasia

12:00 p.m. - Luncheon

Resurrection Greek Orthodox Church

20104 Center Street, Castro Valley, CA 94546

Eternal Be Her Memory...

Theodora DracosCarvounnis

IMG 7908 - Version 2

July 27, 1924 - Jan 2, 2019

The KSOCA mourns the loss of long-time member Teddi Carvounnis. Teddi was a fixture at the KSOCA luncheons for decades, attending with her devoted husband of blessed memory, John Carvounnis. Teddi was awarded the Honorary Kytherian award in 2007 for her continual support of the society alongside John who will be remembered for running the annual raffle. Teddi will be missed by all.

May her memory be eternal.


Theadora (Teddi) Dracos Carvounnis was born in Hayward, California on July 27th, 1924 and fell asleep in Christ on January 2nd 2019. Loving wife and mother, she was predeceased by her husband John, and son Steve. Teddi resided in the Castro Valley home she and her husband created for decades and she developed an enormous family and friend network spanning the entire bay area. Both Teddi and John were members of the Oakland Greek Orthodox Church and the Castro Valley Greek Church, and both were active members of the Kytherian Society. Teddi was loved and cherished by numerous friends and family, but especially held dear by her cousins Kosta and Jordan, and her 8 godchildren; Helaine, Peter, Elena, Janet, Cynthia, Elaine, Greg and Jordan. Funeral services will be held at the Castro Valley Greek Church of the Resurrection, on Thursday 1/10/19 at 11:00am and the Trisagion will be held on Wednesday evening, 7pm at Santos-Robinson mortuary in San Leandro.

DSCN0026 - Version 3

Eternal Be Her Memory...

Francis Helen Alfier

1 Fran

October 24, 1925 - November 10, 2018

The KSOCA mourns the loss of Fran Alfier. Fran passed away in Spokane, WA at the age of 93. She attended our luncheons for many years with her son Harry Alfier and grandaughter Alex,  and daughter Mary Francis Lind. Fran’s inlaws, Mary and John Alfieris, we co-founders of the KSOCA.

Frances was born in Salt Lake City, Utah to parents William Francis Kelly and Edith Wheable. She was raised in Richmond, California and attended Emeryville High School where she met her future husband, Milton Alfier. Frances worked at See's Candy for 40 years and was the cook at the Lake Don Pedro Golf and Country Club in the 1980's. Frances was preceded in death by her husband of 56 years, Milton, her brother, William Kelly, and her sister, June Kelly. Frances is survived by her three children, Mary Lind, Sherry Allen, and Harry Alfier, as well as her seven grandchildren, fifteen great grandchildren, and one great-great grandchild. She was most proud of her big Greek family and found peace in her Greek Orthodox faith. 

May her memory be eternal.

3 FranMilt - 1

Milton and Fran Alfier

2017-10 Connie's Bday - 1

Children Sherry and Harry, granddaughter Alex, and 
daughter Mary with husband Rich and Fran.

2009XmasPty 2

2018 Panigyri Highlights

Panigyri 2018 Review

Kytherian Society of California

Panigyri of the Myrtidiotissa

August 26, 2018

10:00 a.m. -  Church Services & Artoklasia

12:00 p.m. - Luncheon

Resurrection Greek Orthodox Church

20104 Center Street, Castro Valley, CA 94546

The beautiful Artos was prepared by Fawaz Khanachet.

Many thanks to Fawaz for preparing this wonderful bread each year.

This year for the first time ever, 

board member Cynthia Cavalenes-Jarvis 

live-stremed our luncheon on 


Just CLICK the blue FACEBOOK LIVE links 

to see different portions of the program.

If you are NOT on FACEBOOK, you can still tune-in by 

clicking   the “not now” arrow on the screen that pops us.

FACEBOOK LIVE -  Social Hour

Dance Performance

Following church services & Artoklasia, our Panigyri began with a wonderful performance by the Resurrection Greek Dance group, Nea Arxi, who were the FDF First Place winners in the Advanced Junior   category. Among those dancing were two of our very own young Kytherians, Alex and Mary Holton, grandchildren of Connie and Fawaz Khanachet.

FACEBOOK LIVE - Dance Performance

Welcome and Opening Prayer

After the dance performance all stood for the opening prayer,  and a moment of silence in honor of those who have passed, followed by a wonderful lunch prepared by Chef Yanni Varelas.





After lunch Vikki Vrettos Fraioli began the program with an introduction of Officers, Board Members and our new Sunshine Chairperson, Joanne Kavalaris.


We memorialized two long-standing members who passed away this year: Penelope Conomos, who passed away just two weeks shy of her 108th birthday, and John Sofios.

Chrys Conomos came to the podium and shared memories of Penelope’s wonderful life.

Eternal be their memory….

Visitors to Kythera 2018

Vikki shared photos of several of our members whose families went to Kythera this summer. 


Richard and Mary Lind and Family


 Julie and Gavin Reid and Family
(Daughter of Connie and Fawaz Khanachet)


Athan and Christine Zes and Family
(Son of Tikey and Teddi Zes)


Julia Moore
(Granddaughter of Dr. Pan Coukoulis 
and last years scholarship recipient)

Monument Unveiling

On July 8, 2018, at the Alexandros Aristotelos Onassis Airport in Kythera, they had the unveiling of the Alexandros Aristotelos Onassis statue and monument commissioned by George Hatziplis in memory of his late wife Helen, who passed away in 2009.

Kytherian Genealogy

 Vikki discussed the progress that has been made by the  Kytherian Genealogy Club in translating Kytherian records and creating a huge family tree for the Potamos District. She shared several family trees, revealing photos and information those families have submitted. Amalia adds these photos and information to genealogical history discovered in birth, baptism, marriage, and death  certificates. 

In many cases, the report will go back at least one generation prior to the family that was submitted. Often people are surprised to discover additional people on their tree that they were unaware of, including photos of those people submitted by other Kytherians. 

Vikki shared several examples of family trees illustrating how many of the California Kytherians are related.  

Cominos Family Tree

Several descendants of the Nicholas Cominos (Vlastaras) family were in attendance including  his great great granddaughter Anya.

Many thanks to Marie Cominos and family for submitting photos.

Megaloconomos (Conomos) Family Tree

Several descendants of Theodoros Megaloconomos were in attendance including his great great great granddaughter Angelica!

Many thanks to Chrys Conomos and Alexa Conomos Anderson for submitting photos.

This tree revealed that the Alfieris’ are 7th cousins with the Conomos’! 

A few more examples were shown  to illustrate how important and rewarding it is to get involved in this project. If you haven’t done so already, please dig through those old boxes and send your photos to:

Kytherian Youth Tour

A committee will be formed to work on plans to initiate a Kytherian Youth Tour. KSOCA board member, Richard Lind, shared ideas that were discussed with Sydney Kytherians, George Poulos and James Prineas, while he was in Kythera this summer. Below is one example that was put forth by the Kytherians in Sydney. Members will be updated on the progress of this plan.

Medical Supplies to Kythera Project

Excellent progress has been made on this project that will send $650,000 worth of medical supplies to Kythera. The IOCC (International Orthodox Christian Charities) gathers the supplies, the KSOCA pays AHEPA National for the cost to ship the container (approximately $20,000.00), and the container is shipped to Kythera. The KSOCA has received over $15,500.00 in pledges and donations at this time so $4,500.00 is still needed. The KSOCA will set up a GoFundMe campaign to collect the remainder of the funds. A representative from the IOCC is working directly with the hospital representative in Kythera.


The Kytherian Society of California has provided scholarships for students in the amount of $11,500 since 2004! At this year’s lumcheon we awarded two additional scholarships making it a grand total or $14,500 in scholarship awards!

This year members contributed an additional $452.00 to the Anastasia Conomos Condas Scholarship Fund.

Many many thanks to all who continually donate to this important fund every year.

Please encourage your qualifying students to apply for our scholarship by July 1 of each year.

Recording Secretary and Scholarship Chairman, Melissa Neofes-Mischak, presented certificates to this years scholarship winners: Rachel Larsen and Marek Pearse. Melissa shared just a small portion of their essays to the group before each one was invited to come forth to receive their scholarships. Congratulations to Rachel and Marek!

You can read their essays by clicking the links below:

Rachel Angelus Larsen

Marek Pearse

Honarary Kytherian Award

Vice-president, Elaine Moulos, presented the Honorary Kytherian Award to Andrew Sam Mousalimas. Andy has always been a supporter of the KSOCA and has many close family ties with his Kytherian Cominos cousins. 
Andy shared some of his experiences with Co C 2671 Special Reconnaissance Battalion  Office of Strategic Services (OSS) Greek US Operational Group, World War II, the predecessor of the CIA.

In March, a group of World War II veterans, including Andy, were awarded  the Congressional Gold Medal for their efforts in the OSS. The medal is the highest honor bestowed by the U.S. Congress. Many thanks to Andy for his service to our county!

Mousalimas now 90 something years old has written his memoirs of his WWII service. The fascinating book offers insights into the top secret missions in Greece and elsewhere in Europe that helped defeat the Nazis.

The book, entitled Memoirs, offers a unique look into the day to day experience of these extraordinary young men who served in the Greek U.S. Operational Group (USOG) created by the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) the precursor of the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency). The opening is powerful with Mousalimas and his childhood friends in the choir at the Greek Orthodox Church of the Assumption in Oakland, CA when they heard rumors that the Japanese had bombed Pearl Harbor on that Sunday morning, December 7, 1941, one day after Mousalimas’ 17th birthday. Most of the community’s young men, ages 14 and older, who were in church that day, Mousalimas noted, either volunteered or were drafted into the U.S. Armed Forces.

The National Herald, September 10, 2018

Watch Andy’s Presentation on YouTube by clicking below

FACEBOOK LIVE - Andy Mousalimas

John Carvounnis Memorial Raffle

Our Panigyri concluded with our famous John Carvounnis Memorial Raffle. Many thanks to all those who donated prizes. 

See you all again next year!



2018 Kythera Summer Edition

This year’s newspaper features a a beautifully drawn map by artist Daphne Petrochilos

Panigyri 2018

Kytherian Society of California

Panigyri of the Myrtidiotissa

August 26, 2018

10:00 a.m. -  Church Services & Artoklasia

12:00 p.m. - Luncheon

Resurrection Greek Orthodox Church

20104 Center Street, Castro Valley, CA 94546

Menu Selections:

Greek Style Chicken with Olive Oil, Lemon and Oregano

Greek  Lamb Shank with Orzo

Grilled Salmon with Lemon & Butter

Pasta Primavera (Vegetarian)

Salad, Spanakopita, & Dessert - Galaktobouriko

Coffee, Tea or Iced Tea

$39 per person

$15 Children 12 & Under - Chicken Strips

 For more information contact:

Elaine Moulos

Vikki Vrettos Fraioli

Bring a bottle of wine to share with your table!

Please donate a prize or gift basket for our annual Raffle! 

Complete and mail your reservation form by September 22, 2017

BRING a FRIEND to help the KSOCA grow!

Click to view:

Panigyri Flyer

Panigyri Reservation Form

Eternal Be His Memory...

John Harry Sofios

May 14, 1937 - April 9, 2018

The KSOCA is deeply saddened by the loss of fellow Kytherian John "Yiannis” Sofios. John passed away on April 9, 2018.  Johns family was from Logothetianika, Kythera. Many may recall in the early 1970s John and his brother Ted opened O Aetos Taverna in the former post office in Berkeley where they taught Greek dance lessons.

John was a kind soul who will always be remembered by his infectious smile and hearty laugh. He will be dearly missed by all.

Chapel of the Chimes Obituary

John was born on May 14, 1937 and passed away on Monday, April 9, 2018. John was a resident of Antioch, California at the time of passing. Upon returning from Germany after serving in the U.S. Army, he began his career working for the East Bay Regional Park District.

In liew of flowers the Sofios family is requesting donations to dedicate a commemorative bench in honor of John at 

Briones Regional Park.

Contributions may be made via the link below:

Services for John will be at: 

Chapel of the Chimes

 4499 Piedmont Avenue, Oakland, CA

Visitation: Tuesday, April 17, 2018, 4-7pm

Celebration of Life Funeral Service: Wednesday, April 18, 2018,  1pm 

May His Memory Be Eternal

IMG 6521

John and his daughter Nicole at the 

Archaeology of Kythera Event, January 2016

IMG 0061

Kay, John and Nicole at the

2008 Greek Independence Day Parade in San Francisco


Kytherian Gatherng at Yfantis home in 2007


John, Terry, Kay and Vikki

 in front of the Sofios home in Logothetianika 2006





Kytherian Society of California

Panigyri of the Myrtidiotissa

August 26, 2018

10:00 a.m. -  Church Services & Artoklasia

12:00 p.m. - Luncheon

Resurrection Greek Orthodox Church

20104 Center Street, Castro Valley, CA 94546


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