Mixalis Semitekolos

(Michael Samet)

1899 - 1965

In addition to being the President of the 

Kytherian Association of New York


was a great benefactor of the hospital and high school on the 

Greek island of Kythera.

Mixalis hosted many Greeks at his world 

renowned  restaurant Mike’s SHIP-A-HOY in New York City.

(obituary from a Long Beach newspaper. August 1965)

   The death last week, of Long Beach resident Michael Samet, probably was just another obituary to most local folks. However, Mike Samet was an internationally known gentleman. New York City residents knew him as the jovial “Captain Mike, of the former Manhattan landmark, the famous, Ship-a-Hoy” Restaurant, which Samet operated for more than thirty years on Broadway. Captain Mike, restless, after retiring and coming back from Greece, where he spent a vacation, migrated to Long Beach. A few years ago, he constructed and operated a Ship-a-Hoy” Restaurant here, on the oceanfront, at Roosevelt Blvd. While Mike Samet was visiting his home village, in Greece, he donated a large sum of money for the endowment of a hospital in his native village. He also contributed greatly to many other charitable causes, both in Greece and in the U.S.A. King Paul, of Greece, bestowed the decoration of the Gold Cross of the Phoenix upon Michael Samet. Only one other man has received this high award. He is the film magnate, Spyros Skouros. Many streets in Grecian villages are named “Michael Samet St.” His kindnesses will remain a cherished memory. He was also very active, charitably, in Australia, where he also made bequests to various charities. His children, who reside in Long Beach, and are part of the Family Food Shop circle, can and should be very proud of their father, Captain Mike Samet.

Groundbreaking for the first hospital in Kythera

screenshot 4861

May 21, 1953


The foundation stone was laid by Panagiotis Trifillis, brother of the benefactor Nikolaos, and Michalis Simitekolos, president of the Fundraising Committee.

The hospital was completed, its founders present.

Hospital photos from:

Potamos, history and images in the context of Kytherian history 

by Kosmas Megalokonomos.

Ship-A-Hoy (Maria Moulos' photo

Photo property of Maria Moulos

Kostas Leontsinis, Mixalis Semitekolos, and Ioannis Moulos

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