Southern California Kytherian Gathering

August 18, 2007


During George Poulos’ visit to California, Vikki Vrettos Fraioli, along with a few other Southern California Kytherians, organized a gathering in Alhambra, CA. After much consideration, Wahib’s Middle East Restaurant, which came highly recommended by Cynthia Cavalenes-Jarvis, was chosen as the venue. We gathered in their private banquet room for a fabulous lunch and afternoon of fellowship.

Vikki Fraioli welcomed everyone, and after sharing a bit about the Kytherian Society of California, and showing a slideshow of photos from Kythera, introduced  George to say a few words.

George shared his thoughts and experiences, with the group of fourteen, about the Kytherian Association of Australia, the fabulous website,, and asked each person to give their perspective of what it means to be Kytherian. Each guest in turn had the opportunity to share. 

In addition to our Kytherian friends we were fortunate to have special guest Constance and Bob Constant. Connie is the author of the wonderful book, “Austin Lunch: Greek-American Recollections” in which she chronicles her immigrant parents struggles during the great depression.

One person in the group commented how nice it would be to have their own Kytherian Society of Southern California. Vikki responded, “Well, here you are at your fist meeting, decide when and where you will meet again”. Georgia Pine, from Beverly Hills,  took the initiative to launch a Southern California Kytherian Society Website. It is hoped that through her website, as with this website, Kytherians throughout Northern and Southern California will come together.

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