Panigyri of the Myrtidiotisa

September 28, 2008

Event Highlights

Melissa Neofes-Mischak
Vice President

Elaine Moulos, President of our Kytherian Society of California, opened the festivities after a blessing from Father Michael Prevas and the singing of, “Lai Nyn Krotisomen” (People now let us come forth and clap our hands), by Tikey Zes.

After an overview of the action-paced program and welcome, Elaine paid tribute to the life of Nicholas H. Cominos. She concluded her remarks by inviting Eve Roemer, Nick’s daughter, and Ted Cominos, Nick’s brother, to the podium to speak.

Eve Cominos Roemer, (pictured right) reminisced about the incredible life her father lived. Nick was a war hero, a film maker, and educator. Nick fought bravely in WWII and his battalion was recently recognized with a Bronze Star after classified records were officially opened and declassified. Ted Cominos added his own thoughts and feelings about his brother. He shared that Nick was always a “compassionate, unique human being and that he changed people’s lives for the better. He noted that along with the Bronze Star Nick also received the Purple Heart. As the Tribute of Nick Cominos wound down, the attendees gave a rousing round of applause for our departed Kytherian brother.

Vikki Vrettos Fraioli and Melissa Neofes Mischak made a presentation entitled, “Catching up on Kythera Near and Far” summing up their experience at the 3rd International Kytheraismos Symposium held on the island of Kythera in August 2008. The photo at the left reflects the joy and happiness they felt upon being reunited with dear friend, and former Attache’ at the San Francisco Greek Consulate, Yiannis Mavromatis. Pictured are: Vikki Vrettos Fraioli, Eleni Mellou, Yiannis Mavromatis, Melissa Neofes-Mischak and Terry Chlentzos Keramaris in front.

The  Greek delicacy “Kotophyillo” was prepared by Tom Fraioli and Fawaz Khanachet and topped off with a Galatoboureko for dessert. Opa! The traditional Artoklasia was also served with the luncheon which took place at the Resurrection Greek Orthodox Church in Castro Valley, California.

Socrates said, “the unexamined life is not worth living....Wisdom begins in wonder!” In the spirit of wonder, KSOC was delighted to present Angelica Condas Garcia our first scholarship.

This was a momentous occasion for our society as the award honors her Yiayia Anastasia Conomos Condas. We invite you to read her beautiful story in the Scholarship section of our website. Each application must be accompanied by a white paper on the applicant’s family history in Kythera.

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