Global ZOOM II
Jan 22, 2021

ZOOM2021 Jan

Friday, January 22, 2021 / Saturday January 23, 2021

  7 p.m.   San Francisco (Friday, Jan 22)

10 p.m.   New York/Baltimore (Friday, Jan 22)

  1 p.m    Brisbane (Saturday, Jan. 23)

  2 p.m.   Sydney (Saturday, Jan. 23)

  3 a.m.   London (Saturday, Jan. 23)

  4 a.m.   Paris/Berlin (Saturday, Jan. 23)

  5 a.m.   Cape Town, South Africa (Saturday, Jan. 23)

  5 a.m.   Athens/Kythera (Saturday, Jan. 23) 

Over the course of 5 1/2 hours, 88 Kytherians and Philo-Kytherians joined in from all over the world!

Topics included: 

Amalia Samios and Kalie Zervos:

Wind Turbines
Subscirbe for updates:

Many thanks to all who have sent  messages about how much you enjoyed the ZOOM. It’s great to get positive feedback. Feel free to write back with any suggestions you’d like to see for next time.

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