Kytherian Society of California Logo

by Andrew G. Saffas


The logo for the Kytherian Society of California was designed by the very talented artist and sculptor Andrew G. Saffas. Andrew, who is orignally from Kansas City, MI, is a well known artist in the San Francisco Bay Area with many wonderful talents including creating bronze sculpture, photography, iconography, oil painting, theater murals and ceramics.

When Andrew shared his willingnes to design the new logo the members of the Kytherian Society of California were  thrilled.

Andrew shared the following letter with the KSOCA outlining all the considerations he made while designing the logo.

14 March 2010,

President and Members of the Board, Kytherian Society of California USA ,

Certain elements are necessary in the design of a logo, and those requirements present constraints on the natural flow of the artist’s creativity, making the job more difficult.  While thinking about a Logo suitable for the Kytherian Society of California, USA, Andy considered all the elements necessary, or desired, such as:

  • Island Kythira: The Land itself; it’s Shape or Map; 
  • Sea: surrounding the Island;  (California = coastline)

  • Boats: indispensable to inhabitants and to visitors;  (California = true for some  areas) 
  • Exoklsia (Hillside Chapels) 

  • Revered icon of Panaga Myrtiditissa (Myrtceous Panaga) painted on myrtle wood.  (California = Mission Carmel)

  • The Kastro (Hardly comparable; Half Dome or Falls, Yosemite

  • Myrtle (Greek myrts, myrti) tree or shrub, with lanceolate leaves; considered sacred to Aphrodite by the ancients;  (California: laurel)

For about two months, Andy drew logo designs, one after the other, each time combining a few of the necessary elements to form the design.  Finally, after he had created more than fifteen designs, we agreed on a first place design, with second and third variations.

We are presenting five original © Saffas Kytherian Society of California logo designs, for your consideration.  If one of the five designs is suitable for your logo, please consider it a gift from us; we would appreciate it if you would return the others.


Andrew G. Saffas, President                          

Niki  Andronico  Saffas, Business Manager

IMG 1666

Niki Andronico Saffas sharing the winning design with the KSOCA


In addition to the Logo, The KSOCA has been fortunate to be the recipient of several of Andy's works of art as donation pieces for our auction fundraisers. 

PICT0076screenshot 1423

Naos Agias Tridadas - Ναοσ Αγιασ Τριαδοσ - Kythera 2007

IMG 6571

Beautiful framed photo taken by Andy, donated for auction.

screenshot 1422

Note cards featuring a girl and boy in Kytherian costume, designed by Andy


Many thanks to Andy & Niki for their continued 

support and contributions to the KSOCA!

 Su   © KSOCA 2012