Kythera Municipal Library 

Bookshelves Project & Courtyard Landscaping Project

The most exciting bit of Kythera News in 2013 was the opening of the Kythera Municiapal Library

In 2008, KSOCA board member, Cynthia Cavalenes-Jarvis spearheaded the Kythera Bookshelves Project where she raised over $10,000 to ship bookshelves to Kythera. 

Cynthia collected donations from individuals, as well as 8 organizations, including the KSOCA, in order to fund her project.

In August of 2012, we were happy to see that the shelves had been assembled and filled with numerous books! The old elementary school in Kondolianika, had been converted into a library, but the library was still not operational.  

In October of 2012, a library assistant was provided by the Greek Republic Department of Employment who worked along with volunteers to assist in establishing the library. 

With the ongoing assistance of John StathatosDimitris Koutrafouris and Friends of the Library Volunteers, the library is now open for everyone to use!

Cynthia was able to visit the library in July of 2013 and see it in motion. 

A number of visitors and library supporters were also at the library that afternoon and a seemingly impromptu reception and informational session was conducted in which George Poulos gave a general description of the project and the landscaping plans. 

He also asked that those who had helped orchestrate the development of the library tell about their involvement.  

Cynthia explained her journey in the project after which John Stathatos and Dimitri Koutrafouris also told of their involvement and the importance of the library to the people of Kythera. Dimitri felt very strongly that  the children, in particular, needed the library to strengthen their education and later compete successfully for seats at the university level.  

 During his speech, John Stathatos presented Cynthia with a beautiful print of Spiro and Argiroula Kavalinis, her great grandparents, taken in 1927 which is part of the Fatseas Photographic Collection.  The photo was printed by John Stathatos using the original glass plate from the collection.

Cynthia Cavalenes-Jarvis is listed as one of the Kythera Library benefactors

Cynthia was also very honored to find that the Library Committee had included her on a list benefactors that was framed and prominently displayed in the library entry.

We are extremely proud of Cynthia Cavalenes-Jarvis for her persevering efforts to see this project to fruition. 

Courtyard Landscaping Project 

The next order of business was completion of the landscaping for the library courtyard.  The courtyard landscaping was designed by architect, Elias Vassiliadis and construction work was completed in only 16 days by Rafaat Khalil under the supervision of Yannis Schinas. session was conducted in which George Poulos gave a general description of the project and the landscaping plans. 

John Stathatos and George Poulos were there every step of the way, to assure all work was completed in the appropriate manner. 

Below you can see a few before and after pictures of the back and side of the courtyard. 

A reception was held at the library on August 19, 2013 where John Stathatos and George Poulos showcased the new Kythera Municipal Library and Courtyard to Kytherians from Australia, locals, as well as other visitors to the island. Mayor Theodoros Koukoulis expressedhis gratitude to everyone involved in the project.    

The presentation was video recorded by Adelin 107.3 FM and can be viewed on YouTube as well as below.

Funding for the courtyard was provided by the Aroney Trust, the Kytherian Association of Australia, the Kytherian Society of California ($2500.00) and personal donations by George Poulos. The KSOCA is proud to know that they played a small part in this endeavor. 

As a token of appreciation, John Stathatos presented Vikki Fraioli with a beautiful print of Eleni Kalligerou, 1934, printed on Cartson paper from one of the original glass plates from the Fatseas Photographic Collection that is part of the Kythera Photographic Archive.

In addition to the donation to the library, the KSOCA made a donation to the Tryfylleion Foundation for the Kythera Nursing Home Kassimateion - Gerokomio. One of our own members made a personal donation of $250.00 and the KSOCA matched that donation for a total contribution of $500.

Once again, the KSOCA is proud to know they have played a small part in contributing to their island of Kythera.

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