Honorary Kytherian

The Honorary Kytherian Award

 is given  to an individual who is not Kytherian but has 

made significant contributions to the 

Kytherian Society of California. 

The award  is presented each year at the Annual Panigyri.


2018 Andrew Sam Mousalimas

Andy has always been a supporter of the KSOCA and has many close family ties with his Kytherian Cominos cousins. 
Andy shared some of his experiences with Co C 2671 Special Reconnaissance Battalion  Office of Strategic Services (OSS) Greek US Operational Group, World War II, the predecessor of the CIA.

In March, a group of World War II veterans, including Andy, were awarded  the Congressional Gold Medal for their efforts in the OSS. The medal is the highest honor bestowed by the U.S. Congress. Many thanks to Andy for his service to our county!

Mousalimas now 90 something years old has written his memoirs of his WWII service. The fascinating book offers insights into the top secret missions in Greece and elsewhere in Europe that helped defeat the Nazis.

The book, entitled Memoirs, offers a unique look into the day to day experience of these extraordinary young men who served in the Greek U.S. Operational Group (USOG) created by the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) the precursor of the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency). The opening is powerful with Mousalimas and his childhood friends in the choir at the Greek Orthodox Church of the Assumption in Oakland, CA when they heard rumors that the Japanese had bombed Pearl Harbor on that Sunday morning, December 7, 1941, one day after Mousalimas’ 17th birthday. Most of the community’s young men, ages 14 and older, who were in church that day, Mousalimas noted, either volunteered or were drafted into the U.S. Armed Forces.


2016 Father Niko Bekris


2015 Yanni Varvelas

Yanni Varvelas is the caterer for the 

Resurrection Greek Orthodox Church in Castro Valley, CA. 

Each year he goes far and beyond in providing us with a fabulous meal. 


2014 Cathy Zamenes

Cathy has been an active member of the KSOCA for many many years, 

always voluteering to help in any way she can.


2013 Fr. Michael Prevas

Fr. Michael Prevas, Preist at Resurrection Greek Orthodox Church in Castro Valley. Thank you for your contiual support of the KSOCA.

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2012 Jackie Dermitzakis

Jackie works tirelessly each year selling tickets for our fundraising raffle.


2011 Fawaz Khanachet

Fawaz bakes the Artos bread for the Artoklasia 

at our annual Pangiyri’s.


2010 Andrew Saffas

Andy has made numerous contributions from donating photograph and gelee prints for auction, to creating our KSOCA logo.


2009 Genevieve Moulos


2008 Joan Cominos


2007 Teddi Carvounnis


2006 George Condas

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