2019 Panigyri Review

Photo credit: Adamandia Xlentzou

Resurrection Greek Orthodox Church

20104 Center Street, Castro Valley, CA 94546

10:00 a.m. -  Church Services & Artoklasia

Photo Credit: PhotoCerigo 

Dance Performance

 Back by popular demand, award winning dancers from the Resurrection dance groups performed several dances.

Click here to see their full performance!


Following the opeing prayer, lunch was served. 
Yiannis Varelis once again prepared a fantastic delicious meal.


President Katherine Stathis reminded everyone of the meaning of the Artoklasia and the importance of attending services prior to the luncheon.

Fr. Niko shared the significance of Panagia Myrtidiotissa

Dr. Tikey Zes, renowned composer, director, and hymnographer in the Orthodox, church shared the miraculous story of healing of our beautiful icon, the Most Holy Theotokos of the Myrtle Tree -  Myrtidiotissa, 
and sang the hymn associated with that feast day. Tikey took the hymn in Greek and translated it into English. 

(Click here to read the story of Panagia Myrtidiotissa on our website)


 A moment of silence for those who have passed this past year.

$830 was collected in Memorial donations in honor of loved ones.

Visitors to Kythera

The Mattis Family - Cynthia (daughter of Ted & Cathy Zamenes), 
Tim, & Mathew made thier first trip to Kythera.

Shelley Ankerholtz (Daughter of John Derdivanis) and 
her husband Scott, made their first trip to Kythera.

Shelley & Scott visited the Monastery of Agia Moni
 where her 3rd Great Grandfather, Ioannis Argyri, carved 
the icon template for the alter in 1844.

Kytheraismos Symposium

Vikki Vrettos Fraioli will attend the Kytheraismos Symposim 
Brisbane,  Queensland, Australia in November.

Past Kytheraismos Symposium Attendees:

2016 - Mary & Richard Lind, Lucas Roemer-Cominos - Kythera

2014 - Vikki Fraioli, Cynthia Cavalenes-Sydney, NSW, Australia

2008 - Vikki Fraioli, Terry Panages, Melissa Neofes-Mischak - Kythera

2006 - Vikki Fraioli & Terry Panages - Canberra, NSW Australia
2004 -  Ann Condas - Kythera

Medical Supplies Update

Although it is taking more time than expected, our hope is that it will come to fruition onee all the steps above have been completed.The KSOCA has more than enough in donations to follow through with this project on their own without the help of the KAA.

Notable Kytherians

Who knew that one of our founders John G. Alfiers, was an inventor? 
John, along with Manuel J. Maneas, another Kytherian, invented a swimming appliance to help people stay afloat while swimming!Harry Alfier found this document in an old file cabinet amongst his fathers belongings. 

This invention relates to devices adapted to be worn by a person engaged in swimming, and more particularly to appliances which will not only aid in sustaining the user near the surface of the water and prevent his sinking, but also affort propelling mechanism...

We have our own present day Notable Kytherians to recognize!

Members Cynthia Cavalenes-Jarvis and Katerina Lefteris shared some amazing feats they accomplished this year! 

Katerina has done double this distance - 146.6 and usually
 performs in the top 10-15% in her class for her age group!

2019 Scholarship Awards

The above named offered donations amounting to $475
Below is a list of past recipients

 Scholarship Chairman Melissa Neofes-Michak

 presented the 2019 Recipients

Stephanie Orth accepted the certificate for her daughter Zoie.
Richard Lind accepted the certificate for his grandson Chase.

Honorary Kytherian

Elaine Moulos presents the Honorary Kytherian Award to Tom Panages

Honorary Kytherian was awarded to Tom Panages
Tom is awlays there to lend a hand in any way he can. 
We appreciate all he does!


The Raffle where everyone is a winner!

The Last Kytherians, a film by James Prineas, was played during the raffle


Closing remarks and adjournment at 3:00pm

The Kytherian Society of California Officers and Board

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