Kythera Summer Edition 2022 

welcome to the sounds of silence

As any visitor to Aphrodite's island will agree, the island has that something special about it. If you could bottle it, you’d make millions. But silence is uncatchable. Because that’s what it is. This fragile, beautiful sense of absolute silence that sits in harmony with the natural world. A silence that now is at risk.

The island has been known by many names throughout history. The Minoans called it Porfyroussa, the Venetians Cythera, while the locals affectionately refer to it as Tsirigo. Today it is known as Kythera.
This deep silence that pervades everything. The migratory birds fly through it, the sounds of the winds amplify it while the ancient rock walls absorb and reflect it. Kythera's silence bears witness to the natural world. It keeps our inner and outer worlds in balance.

Regardless of whether we are short term visitors or long-term residents, we are all custodians of this majestic silence. Tread lightly and enjoy your summer. 

This years newspaper includes an article about the KSOCA Global ZOOMs

KSE 2022 article

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