Agios Theodoros 

Feast Day of Agios Theodoros - May 12, 2013

Many thanks to Ioannis Mavromatis for the following messaage, photos, and videos of the Feast Day of Agios Theodoros celebrated on Kythera.

The Kytherians celebrated with faith and splendor today, 12 May 2013, Agios Theodoros name day.  It is important that the Holy icon of Panagia Myrtidiotissa was also there.  That happens about every 30 years, because of the late this year Pasha date.  

A special guest invited by Metropolitan Serafim was the Metropolitan of East Attica, Nikolaos, a well known and wise person, who was the key speaker and blessed the people. The Philarmonic Orchestra of Potamos directed by Stratis Theodorakakis-Tsabiras added pomp and pulse.  

Some 50 pilgrims from Koroni, Ag. Theodoros birth place attended as every year, as well.  

With the melodic and harmonic psalms of the Kytherian Chorus directed by George Lourandos-Pieros, every one had a real celebration. 

With the blessing of Agios Theodoros to all of you, XRONIA POLLA.


Ioannis Mavromatis






The following  videos were posted on YouTube by Yiannis Mavrommatis

Esperinos - Vespers

Metropolitans Serafim of Kythera & Nicholaos of East Attica

Kytherian Choir directed by George Lourantos-Pieros

Litaneia - Procession of Panagioa Myrtidiotissa, Holy Icon and Ag. Theodoros Kara

Attended by Metropolitans Serafim of Kythera & Nikolaos of Attica, Kytherian Mayor Koukoulis and Municipality board. 

Brass Band of Potamos directed by Stratis Theodroakakis-Tsibiras.

Artoklasia - Bread Blessing

By Fr. Konstantinos of Koroni Mesinias, Agios Theodoros' birthplace.

Metropolitans,  Mayor Theodore Koukoulis, and several Kytherian priests.

The monastery of Saint Theodoros was built by craftsmen from Monemvasia at the place where a smaller one previously existed and where Saint Theodoros had lived like a hermit in the 10th century. The Saint was born in Koroni and came to Kythera when the island was deserted. For this reason he is perceived by the Kytherians to be the one who brought life to the island. Saint Theodoros died on the 12th of May 961 A.C. and his body was found intact three years later.

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