Kytherian Genealogy

Do you have any old photos lying around of your relatives born in the District of Potamos prior to 1917? 

If so, the Kytherian Genealogy Project in Sydney, Australia can use your help!

Amalia Samios and Kalie Zervos run the Kytheirian Genealogy Project. They have more records on Kytherian genealogy in one room than anywhere else in the world, including Kythera! They compile family trees for people as well as help people with their own research. 

At the moment they are compiling the entire family tree for all the villages in the Potamos district, which include all the top part of the island. It will include everyone born between about 1630 and 1917! 

This is a huge project that they have been working on for the last 2 years. When it is completed it will include nearly 20,000 people. They are hoping to print it into book form and possibly have an online version so that everyone can trace their island ancestors.

Here is where you can help!

If  you have any photos of people born in the Potamos district before 1917  please submit them to the project. 

They would like a photo of the persons face and head  and would like you inculde any information you may have on that person so they can try and locate their birth certificate. 

Include any or all of the following 

                            *  Birthdate and Place
                            *  Immigration Year and to what country (if applicable)
                            *  Occupation
                            *  Place and Date of Death

Submit your photos and info by sending an email to: Amalia Samios at

Kytherian Genealogy Project

Already, almost 300 photos have been submitted. 

They are expecting this number to increase to at least 500!

Villages that will be incuded are:

Christoforianika, Farodulianika, Gerogiadika, Guria, Karavas, Katsoulianika, Kominianika, Kroroniadiadika, Kousounari, Logotherianika, Melitianika, Potamos, Priniadika, Trifilianika and the small villages near these locations.

Don’t let your family be left out!

They already have almost 300 submissions 
and that 
to reach at least 500!

Submit your photos today!

Below is an example of what they are looking for: 

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