The Caver


Author Carol Burnham,  who has been returning to  Kithera for many years, was inspired to make Kithera the setting for her new book, "The Caver."

In The Caver, Claire, an American writer, returns to the island of Kithera, "€œfor answers,"€ but certainty is difficult in the land of myth and "€œtrickster"€ light. Even her new tutor, who possesses a "strange consonance" with the island, becomes for her, an object of intrigue. When an amiable new neighbour extends an invitation on the day they meet, Claire declines, indicating that she needs to be alone for a while, but subsequently is persuaded to attend a dinner party. There she meets George, a caver from Malta, and falls inexplicably in love. She travels to Crete and ventures alone up a mountain to the remote village where she can be with him near his project. Then the unexpected occurs. Claire comes to Greece in search of answers and finds, instead, a stubborn but beautiful mystery.

Carol Burnham has a masters degree in English literature and has taught at colleges in the San Francisco Bay Area, where she resides with her husband, Richard. She is currently at work on her next novel.


ISBN:978 0 9927364 15


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