Kythera Summer Edition

If you have been to Kythera in the summer, you know one of the first items you want to pick up is the Kythera Summer Edition. Many thanks to Metaxia Georgopoulos, and her staff of dedicated writers, who work dilligently to produce this wonderful newspaper for all of us to enjoy each year. 

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                       welcome to nature

For any discerning traveller, a holiday on Kythera is a lot more than just a pretty picture uploaded to social media. The island is a gift that nourishes our hearts. Let your soul breath in the island's incredible natural world - the fragile stillness of ancient rock walls, the inspiring sunrises and sunsets, the dizzying cliffs that crash dramatically into the seas, the majestic landmarks and divine blue waters just waiting to be explored ... and let’s not forget the yummy succulent wild grown fruits.

Kythera, a sustainable microcosm in an increasingly out of control world, offers us the opportunity to experience a world that modern life long ago let slip through her fingers. With so much to do, so much to explore, it is the simplicity of the here and now that will stay with you.

Come on in, the water's fine. 


welcome to the sounds of silence

As any visitor to Aphrodite's island will agree, the island has that something special about it. If you could bottle it, you’d make millions. But silence is uncatchable. Because that’s what it is. This fragile, beautiful sense of absolute silence that sits in harmony with the natural world. A silence that now is at risk.

The island has been known by many names throughout history. The Minoans called it Porfyroussa, the Venetians Cythera, while the locals affectionately refer to it as Tsirigo. Today it is known as Kythera.
This deep silence that pervades everything. The migratory birds fly through it, the sounds of the winds amplify it while the ancient rock walls absorb and reflect it. Kythera's silence bears witness to the natural world. It keeps our inner and outer worlds in balance.

Regardless of whether we are short term visitors or long-term residents, we are all custodians of this majestic silence. Tread lightly and enjoy your summer. 


Welcome to Kythera and your escape from the chaos and information overload of the modern day world. Look up from your electronic devices and experience the island in real time. Give your body and soul the chance to rejuvenate - your spirit will thank you for it.

Let Kythera Summer Edition be your guide as you enjoy lazy days on the island’s beaches, catch up with old friends at the Sunday market, share the fun of the summer dances or explore some of the many places of interest.
Take in the timeless silence of the rugged landscape, bask in the precious summer light of dawn as a sea breeze gently brushes your face.

Reconnect with the natural elements as Kythera lets your senses come back online. Everything you need is right here, ready and waiting for you to discover. 

2018 - Silver Jubilee

KSE 25 years

What is it that has brought you to Aphrodite’s island?

When the ‘merry-go-round’ of modern living has left you feeling emotionally nauseated, let Kythera take you into her hushed embrace, offering her soothing time warp of old-world charms that follow the beat of the natural world. The rock walls scattered throughout the island carry the stories of long gone generations, while the dramatic cliffs and ravines stand silent witness to the subtle simplicity of life itself unfolding.

The team at Kythera Summer Edition welcomes you to our beautiful island. We hope you enjoy our very special 25th edition.

Welcome and happy holidays! 


The 25th Anniversary Issue of Kythera Summer Edition features a beautifully drawn map by artist Daphne Petrochilos. Aphrodite is dressed in a spalleto (local Kytherian traditional dress) holding the scales. Aphrodite the planet, rules the sign of Libra, whose scales symbolise justice, balance, and equality. One side of the scale is for the past and the other side for the future, meaning our attitude must be in balance.

Our 1993 maiden Editorial wrote “...the challenge of discovering the balance between earning our living and respecting that which is around us. [..] we may be inspired to appreciate and uphold the traditional ways of life. [..] Kythera is internationally documented as having some of the most extensive arrays of flora and fauna. [..] Migratory birds that seek shelter on the island are rare and strikingly beautiful. Sadly unappreciated, the birds often fall prey to hunters who know no better.”

25 years later we as a paper are still working with the principles of justice, balance, and equality as our foundation.

In our 2OI8 issue, we herald the call to never again allow the ecological crime of mass destruction of the land by preventable fires, and demand galvanization of bureaucratic competence and civilian responsibility. Spotlighted too are the problems of medical negligence, access to medical evacuation, and fraught transport planning.

Justice resonates in our articles on reclaiming the histories of scattered migrants, the protection of our Greek language in print, and honouring the fallen who fought against the ultimate injustice of war.

The beauty of balance is modelled, in nature, and the balance of past and future, in reinventing traditional practices into modern businesses. We witness in our articles too the balance of purpose. Stone walls and water infrastructures were multi-purposed, as were the methods of working the land alongside nature, and the science of architecture, building aesthetically while embracing the environment.

We learn of the need to balance responsibility for the land, between ourselves, government and non-government bodies. We read of the balance of birds, and indeed people, living between two countries, and restfully, the balance of the silence and rhythms of Kythera.

The value of equality was a way of life for the much loved late soccer coach of Kythera, instilling in his students the value of fair play.

For 25 years our paper has been a source of information, which goes towards combating ignorance, one of the greatest threats to justice and equality.

It has been said that the opposite of poverty is not wealth, but justice.

For Kythera, and our paper, the opposite of injustice is, the call for the protection of livelihoods, land - and lives.


καλωσορίσατε! welcome! 

Στο Καψάλι, στη Χώρα, τον Ποταμό, το Διακόφτι, τον Αβλέμονα...

... Σαν έξαφνα, ώρα μεσάνυχτ’, ακουσθεί αόρατος θίασος να περνά
με μουσικές εξαίσιες, με φωνές
[...] να μη γελασθείς, μην πεις πως ήταν ένα όνειρο, πως απατήθηκεν η ακοή σου... 

Congratulations! Your ancient passage to Kythera has been accomplished; your endeavours will be richly rewarded!
Just as it was a gift of precious Kytherian thyme honey that England’s King George V chose to present to the Tsar of Russia, Kythera is replete with experiences fit for royalty.

You have earned the privilege of satiating your senses in a magical land- scape steeped in history, ancient walking trails that lead to sun kissed beaches, intriguing archaeology and Byzantine churches. And the natural cycles of beauty, thyme, honey.

Immerse yourself and allow Kythera Summer Edition to guide you through these dazzling worlds. There are so many to discover here on Kythera, it could take a lifetime. Welcome and happy holidays


καλωσορίσατε! welcome! 

Listen really closely. It is... the Sound of Silence... Welcome to Ky- thera! Throughout history visitors to Aphrodite’s island have realised that what makes Kythera exceptional... are the Silences. So switch your digital devices off and step into another time, another way of being. Take a dive into otherness... your eternal otherness. Absorb the depth of story that is present in the magical landscape, the various divine beaches, the simple and yet glorious architecture. And get to know a local. Put down your mobile phone and listen to the winds... hear the secrets of the Sirens. Enjoy your adventure on Kythera, leaf through this year’s Kythera Summer Edition. It is brimming with information about the island. Take the time to disconnect from the modern world and absorb what Kythera does best. Enliven your senses...

Enjoy 2016! 

FOR 23 YEARS Kythera Summer Edition has been sharing articles, stories and information with local Kytherians, Greeks of the diaspora and new and returning visitors to our beautiful island.

While we are a tourist paper in- tent on promoting the island’s economy, its produce, its beaches and its beauty, we are also a paper for the community in all its mani- fest forms. We publish stories that explore the island’s cultural, folkloric and human identity, that unearth its deep archaeological past. Importantly we also investi- gate issues affecting the everyday lives of locals - be it health or ed- ucation or social justice. Nothing is out of bounds, nothing is too controversial. We are the paper for “all seasons”; or at least we try to be.

Survival from one year to the next is never easy. That’s how it is in Greece these days. We are not alone. Life is a struggle for so many. Somehow, amazingly, we have survived and we have done so in large part because we have substance. We are now the oldest continuously circulating bilingual tourist paper in Greece!

While I am ‘the powerhouse that brings Kythera Summer Edition to annual fruition’, I am only able to do this because of the talented and committed team I have work- ing with me. For six months we la- bour to produce a first rate paper, with content we can all be proud of. Like a theatre play or musical production, one never sees the gruelling rehearsals before open- ing night. The result of this hard work, the 32 exceptional pages of words and art contained in this 2016 issue, would not have been achieved without our Editor Deb- orah Parsons, the writers of these wonderful stories and the read- ers who send us their articles and letters of concern. To Daphne for creating this year’s rather glamor- ous Miss Archaeology map and to our photographers a huge thank you. Enormous thanks also to Joy Tataraki, Pia Panaretos, Manolis Plantzos, Mrs Eleni Charou, Mano- lis Kassimatis and Chrissa Fatseas who helped in so many ways.

A sincere thank you to Nick and Viola Haros & family of St. George Foodservice, Sydney, for their continued sponsorship and gen- erosity; and to the Kytherian Association of Australia. We are also indebted to the Karvounades Coffee Club. Without them, you would not be reading this issue. On behalf of Kytherians and Phi- lokytherians the world over, we thank you all and promise to make every effort to keep going strong for many years to come.

Metaxia Georgopoulou


καλωσορίσατε! welcome!

Welcome to Kythera, or as we like to think of it, a piece of paradise on earth. You might think we’re exaggerating but when you read this year’s jam packed Kythera Summer Edition you’ll see what we’re talk- ing about. Geology, world renowned walking trails, archaeology, art exhibitions, local history, human interest, countless things to do and see - we’ve got it all. Be amazed! Enjoy! 


καλωσορίσατε! welcome!

Welcome to our beautiful island! Let the Summer Edition be your per- sonal guide to a treasure trove of sights, sounds and experiences as well as providing information about current events affecting our island. Immerse yourself in our history and explore the silent witnesses of the past. Enjoy stress-free days on our sun-drenched beaches. Indulge in the famed Greek cuisine at any of the island’s tavernas. If your needs are more spiritual, Kythera has a number of quaint churches, that have paid homage to thousands of parishioners for generations. So the choice is yours; enjoy the adventure. Kythera awaits. Kythera Summer Edition wishes all our readers a thoroughly enjoyable holiday. 



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