2010 Artoklasia

Each year, following  the church service prior to the Panegyri of the Myrtidiotissa, the Kytherian Society of California, offers an Artoklasia - The Service of Five Loaves. 

“Artoklasia, which means “breaking of bread” is a special prayer service offered by an individual or family typically on a Feast day or special family occasion. The service takes place at the end of Orthos, the Divine Liturgy, or at Great Vespers. It includes hymns, petitions and prayers for health, well-being and strength to endure all of life’s difficulties. The five loaves are reminiscent of the five loaves that Jesus Christ blessed in the dessert and by which five thousand of His followers were fed.

Items required for the service are five loaves of Artoklasia bread, a small container of oil, a small container of wine and the names of loved ones. The bread is divided among the faithful in the congregation in the hopes that God’s blessings be shared and multiplied. The wine symbolizes the blood of Christ and the olive oil symbolizes the healing of our bodies and souls.” From St. Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church website

For many many years, the bread for the Artoklasia was baked by our dear Stamatoula Mavromatis Chlentzos.  This year a new tradition was begun with baking of the bread by Philo-Kytherians, Fawaz Khanachet & Tom Fraioli. Fawaz followed Stamatoula’s original recipe as closely as possible but ultimately added his own ingredients to make this fabulous bread.

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