Kiriaki Orfanos Visit's San Francisco

Kiriaki Orfanos, Vikki Vrettos Fraioli, Melissa Neofes-Mischak

KSOCA Members Vikki & Tom Fraioli and Melissa Neofes-Mischak welcome Kiriaki Orfanos, from Sydney, Australia,  to San Francsico. 

Kiriaki is a member of the Kytherian Association of Australia and an avid contributor to

In addition, Kiriaki spent a tremendious amount of time and effort researching and writing the introduction for James Prineas' new book entitled, "Kythera from the Air" which is currently in the process of being printed and will hopefully be available in August.. 

This book contains 270 pages of aeriel photographs of all the villages on the island with a list of the surnames of the families originating in those villages, written in both English and Greek. It will be a beautiful "coffee table" sized book that will be a welcome addition to every Kytherian household.

After traveling for nearly a month across the United States, Kiriaki landed in San Francisco with two very heavy books in tow as a gift for Vikki! Vikki was ecstatic to receive these books that had just been translated from Greek to English and published by the Kythera World Heritage Fund.

"Kytherian Surnames", written by Emmanal P. Kalligeros, was first published in Greek in 2002. The book was very recently  translated and published in English and are available for purchase from the Kytherian World Heritage Fund Publishing House.

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