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  The Anastasia Conomos Condas Scholarship

This scholarship is created for students of Kytherian descent in honor of Anastasia Conomos Condas long-time president of the Kytherian Society of California and member of the Modern Greek Studies Foundation. Her dedication and love of her Greek heritage inspired many Greek Americans to study the rich history of the modern world. The Kytherian Society of California believes that education embodies the spirit of all Kytherians. and this scholarship stands as a legacy of all members..

Applicant's must:

  • be a United States citizen of Kytherian descent
  • be a resident of the State of California
  • be between the ages of 17 and 32
  • be accepted or enrolled for the current and/or upcoming school year as a new or continuing full-time student in undergraduate, post graduate or vocational schools leading to an undergraduate degree, post graduate degree or certificate.
  • attach proof of full-time admission and/or enrollment and your Grade Point Average score from the latest quarter or semester
  • attach a photograph of yourself
  • attach a 500-word essay entitled, My Family’s History on Kythera.”
  • attach signed letters of recommendation from two individuals not related to you, providing their names and contact information
  • have an immediate family member who is an active  Kytherian Society member who has paid his or her $30 dues for the past two years and has attended our meetings and functions.
  • submit your completed application with a postmark no later than July 1, of each year..

Applications are due July 1 of each year

For an application form Click here

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