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Kythera is in need of our help!

At our Global ZOOM Pangiryi in September 2022, the KSOCA raised and donated $1000 toward the fight against the wind turbines, however the need for more donations to cover legal costs is ongoing and critical.

Please consider making a donation to preserve our pristine island.

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Between 2007 and 2009, nine applications were lodged with the Energy Regulatory Board (RAE) for the construction of wind farms on Kythera. The total potential output should all nine applications be granted was 321 MW.

For years the issue seemed defunct, but on January 22nd 2020, it suddenly became clear that  two production permits were granted for in total 30 turbines, with a fan blade diameter of 71 metres. In February 2020 two more permits followed for again 30 turbines, now with a fan blade diameter of 90 meters. Permits for 55 more turbines, some even up to 250 meters high, have been granted in 2021.

It is important to understand that these are only Production Permits; in order to actually install the turbines, Installation Permits will have to be issued, and a complex legal procedure to be followed including environmental impact studies and consultation with local government and inhabitants. On the other hand, current government policy is a national energy plan which includes the installation of wind farms on as many islands as possible.

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Peggy Vassiliou, Kipa/Dynamo representative, given at the
KSOCA Global ZOOM on April 9, 2022


Kythira voted among Europe's
7 most Endangered heritage sites 2021

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