Another icon of Panagia Myrtidiotissa 

A miracle of Panagia Myrtidiotissa (amateur translation)

A ship was traveling at sea, when there began a terrible storm. Frigid fear seized the captain and crew. It was not like today. Then the boats were wooden. And they had sails! And the old boat started leaking. The pump worked continuously, but it didn’t do any good, and the boat started to sink. If the ship were lost what good were lifeboats and life jackets? All felt that every hope was lost. And then their minds turned to the Virgin Mary, who is the "hope of the hopeless”. 

-Come, Panagia Myrtidiotissa, patroness and protector of our island. Save us. Pity our children and our elderly parents, who are waiting for us! ... 

Just before the boat sank, suddenly appeared among them an all-illumined woman who said: 

"I’ve come! Don’t be afraid! Your ship will be saved! 

And she plunged into the sea with a sponge in hand and closed the hole that had opened on board! In a few minutes, the boat went quiet on his way. They went at the first port they reached for repair. And what a miracle they saw! They saw the hole, which was opened on board, blocked by the sponge that was held in the hands of the Panagia when she appeared in the boat! Everyone saw this miracle. Full of emotion, the captain bought clean wax and made a candle like the mast of the boat. He also brought the sponge that the Panagia had in a box. He also made a small silver boat. And he returned to his homeland, the island of Chios. All went to the monastery of Panagia Myrtidiotissa. And when he went to venerate the miraculous icon, filled with emotion he cried out: 

- That's her! We saw her! My Panagia! My Panagia! ... 

All of them knelt in front of the Panagia. They did their cross in reverence. They thanked her from the depth of their souls, and offered their small gifts, which are kept up till the present day. 

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